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Alexis is the wife of Farley Gongerro. They had a son named Kieran. Alexis and Farley are a happy couple. 6 years after marriage, Kieran found out that Alexis was pregnant. One day, Kieran was kidnapped by Hyskos and his friends told Alexis and Farley that their son was kidnapped. Shocked, Farley and Alexis go on their search for their son without telling their chief. They eventually had to give up due to Alexis's pregnancy pains.

Tales of Kemet:

The nephilim couple is found by the party as soon as they give up looking for their son. Kaede offers help to the couple and they go to the Aryuth Hysko camp where Kieran is located. When the party breaks in, Alexis and Farley get captured by Hyskos and put in the same prison cell as Kieran. After imprisonment, Alexis is in labor and when Luke, Mieu and Kaede enter the captive room, Alexis gives birth to a baby girl and names her Sarah. Shortly after giving birth, a Hysko enters the room and is suspicious that Alexis had lost so much weight. Soon as Sarah cries, Farley attempts to stall the Hysko. The Hysko sees the baby and is furious. The Hysko lashes out and tranquilizes the family, including the newborn Sarah. Luke and Kaede defeat the Hysko and try to unlock the cells until an exsphere monster comes in the captive room. They fight off the monster until Joseger tranquilizes it and helps the nephilim family. After being saved by Joseger and the party, Alexis, Farley, and Kieran take Sarah to the Kariyun hospital and found out that she's a healthy baby girl.

Appearance and Personality:

Alexis has white fur and green eyes. She wears a golden tan tube top and skirt with a lavender sarong. She wears a layered necklace to match her outfit. Alexis is kind-hearted and motherly.