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Alucarda was originally a human and she lost her parents to miasma. She was 4 when she was orphaned. After losing her parents, a witch named Joan adopted and raised her. Joan even took Alucarda's humanity away, turning her into a humanoid and a blood demon. Joan also raised Alucarda to make potions and to be like a witch.

Tales of Kemet:

Alucarda is first introduced when the party goes to Ishtar, the land of the goths. She is introduced along with her friend, Jaime the Vampire. Ryo says he's Sederick's son. Sederick Lufti is a Dima Elf who was possessed by the evil snake god Apophis to destroy the Church of Amun. He attacked the church and was arrested and put into the dungeon under the church. Alucarda leads the party to Sederick and Pope Bradley performs an exorcism on him. When Sederick gets his exorcism, everyone in the party is knocked unconscious except for Kaede and Apophis attacks Kaede. While Kaede and Apophis fight, Alucarda and Jaime kidnap Princess Ramona. After Apophis is defeated, Kaede's party wakes up and Pope Bradley is seen seriously injured. When the party reaches the church attic, Alucarda and Jaime are confronted along with Alice and Decus holding Ramona hostage. The party wins and Alucarda tells Ryo Lufti that Jack the Shark is attacking Kalna. In Part 4, Alucarda reveals herself as a blood demon. She can use her own blood as a weapon and to control monsters. In Part 5, she has her final battle in Niflheim after Jaime gets killed. Alucarda gets strangled to death by her own blood whip.

Appearance and Personality:

Alucarda has medium length purple hair with a long side ponytail. She has a crescent moon on her choker and belt buckle. She wears detached sleeves, an orange button down shirt that exposes her navel, a black pleated skirt, fishnet tights, and black boots. She has orange gloves and a purple ribbon on her right arm. Alucarda is short-tempered and hates it when people get in her way.


  • The name Alucarda is derived from the name of the main character from the MS DOS game called "Plague of the Moon". They share the same name except the Alucarda in Tales of Kemet has the title "The Crescent Moon".