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Ambrose was a royal explorer of Isabelle, the Fairy Queen. Not much is known about Ambrose's past.

Tales of Kemet:

Ambrose is first introduced after Colette Brunel scares her by tripping and landing in front of her. Kaede befriends Ambrose by telling her that she's looking for the death mask of Tutankhamen. Ambrose leads the party to Isabelle and joins Kaede's party, even though she is too small for combat.

Appearance and Personality:

Ambrose is a young and cheery fairy. She has dark skin, dark red hair, brown eyes, and lavender wings. She wears a dark red dress that matches her hair, barefooted, and has a bracelet that matches her armband. She loves to help people out and doing good deeds. She may be a bit timid, but she never hesitates to help out.