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Amris is the eldest prince of Khepresh, the middle continent in Zalula. Not much is known about his past.

Tales of Kemet:

Amris is first introduced at a meeting in Liwernia. He is completely against war and when he hears that Felix and Fallenstar had made up, he is overjoyed. Amris decides to join the party out of joy. He also gives Kaede a treasure of King Tutankhamen he found somewhere near the castle and brought it in his room for safety. Kaede is led to his room and is given the statue of Seth, the god of storms and the desert.

Appearance and Personality:

Amris has an appearance that somewhat resembles Emil Castagnier. Amris has brown hair covering one eye and has a long ahoge (antennae hair). He wears a coat with 2 coat tails and a top that exposes his chest. He has green eyes. He is kind and loves peace. He dreamed of world peace in Zalula. He is samaritan like and hates seeing people suffer.