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Animus was given an order to guard the statue of Ptah, the god of the arts, by Felix and Lazuli Gilbert and Ritcher Abend. Ritcher had awakened him.

Tales of Kemet:

Animus is first introduced when the party reaches the end of the Temple of Soul, where they meet Felix and Lazuli. Kaede says that she needs the statue to help restore the tomb of Tutankhamen, but the siblings don't believe her and the party enters a fray with them. After the siblings lose the battle, Tutankhamen appears in front of them and tells them the truth. The siblings run away with disbelief. Animus tries to escape with them but is restrained by Tenebrae and Clangendum. Soon as Ryo grabs and struggles to take the statue from Animus, Aqua summons a water monster, attacking Kaede. Ritcher points his sword at Kaede, getting ready to kill her until Thomas attacks him, distracting Aqua. The entire party escapes with Animus and the statue. In the Albiore II, Jade Curtiss tells Animus to calm down. Animus is quite angry and frustrated. Mieu starts to complain, giving Kaede and idea. She brings Mieu to the disgruntled centurion and gets him to calm down. Jade tells Animus to tell him what happened. Animus tells his story.

Appearance and Personality:

Animus has yellow skin, blue markings, a pharaoh beard, and markings on his shoulders that resemble the Eyes of Horus. Animus wears a white kilt and gold bracelets. His hair is gold and resembling an Egyptian cap crown worn by some pharaohs of Egypt, like on the death mask of Tutankhamen.


  • Animus means "spirit" in Latin
  • Animus's appearance is derived from the Egyptian Kha spirit, which is a person with arms on top of his/her head.