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Aros is a hybrid between a Nephil and a Cynocephalus. He's one of the first hybrid members in his tribe. When Aros was 15, he lost Arvis, his father to gastroannelidious. After Arvis got bitten by a Phaeruti marsh leech, Aros killed the leech and told Arvis that he needs to go to Kariyun. Arvis says he'd rather die than get treatment and became comatose. Weeks later, Aros hears Arvis screaming with intense pain. Aros rushes to see his father's death and Arvis dies.

Tales of Kemet:

Aros finds Kaede, Mieu, and Luke Fon Fabre stranded in the Aryuth woods. When Kaede goes to get Luke some water, she hears some rustling in the bushes and is spotted by Aros. Kaede didn't see him when she got spotted, so she ran back to the thicket that they took shelter in. She rushes to wake Luke up and Aros comes to the entrance to explain everything. He rescues Luke, Mieu, and Kaede from being stranded and he takes them to his tribal colony. When they arrive, they are surrounded by soldiers with weapons, mistaking Kaede, Luke, and Mieu as intruders. Aros explains that he rescued them and the soldiers put down their weapons. He tells Kaede, Luke, and Mieu that they have to get tribal clothes, which is at the Kariyun mall.

Appearance and Personality:

Aros has dark red fur and has a cynocephalus head. He resembles the god Anubis, the god of mummification. Aros is a brave and serious soldier. He wears an ancient Egyptian style kilt, a copper chest plate with garnets on it, and some gold jewelry.