Clangendum started life out as an ordinary rabbit until she wondered into the Temple of Sound. As soon as Melody, the summon spirit of sound saw her, she turned Clangendum into the centurion of sound and adopted her as a pet. During the Kharlan War in Aselia, Tenebrae, the centurion of darkness, had met Clangendum at the Temple of Sound. They've gotten along really well ever since they met.

Tales of Kemet:

Clangendum is first introduced after the party defeats Melody and Colette Brunel trips, revealing a room where Decus is chasing the centurion. The party fights and defeats Decus, saving Clangendum. Clangendum is thankful that she is saved.

Appearance and Personality:

Clangendum is a rabbit-like centurion. She has light-violet and teal fur. She has a long tail with a teal tuft at the end of it. She also has teal eyes. She's kind-hearted and timid. She is also shy. She loves Melody as a pet owner. Clangendum is afraid of people who are mean.


  • Clangendum means "sound" in Latin
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