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Dexter is a 1-year old replica of Decus. Van replicated Decus because they thought they needed reinforcements. Decus volunteered to get replicated and Alice wasn't very happy about that idea. One day, Dexter fell in love with Alice and Decus wasn't happy about that at all, so they tormented Dexter. Dexter had learned to fear Alice due to her sadistic intentions. On another day, Dexter decided to quit the Vanguard and told Hawk. Hawk understood and set him free. When Alice found out, she was furious and beat Hawk up. After beating Hawk up, she caught Dexter escaping so she chased him to Altamira, where they meet Kaede and her party.

Tales of Kemet:

Dexter is met running away from Alice and pleads Kaede and her party for help. When Alice catches up, she attacks him and Sally stands up to her. The party gets into a fight with Alice and knock her out. Luke welcomes Dexter in the party because Luke used to be a replica until her got an initiation in Part 2 and Dexter is a replica. Dexter decides to join the party. Dexter is the last person to join the party.

Appearance and Personality:

Dexter looks a lot like Decus, except Dexter wears round glasses and has a slightly different hairstyle. Dexter is kind and hates cruelty. He wears a white coat, jeans, a black shirt, and a green belt and shoes.