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After founding the hospital at Kariyun, Cliff became the main doctor due to helping so many people out and saving so many lives. He became a medical professional. He is loved by very many people at Kariyun.

Tales of Kemet:

Cliff is first introduced when he treats Kaede for her slith poison. Kaede asks Cliff if he knows Nikita Jones. He tells Kaede that Nikita is his younger sister. Kaede tells Cliff that Nikita was killed by a Gargoyle at an abandoned church. She also tells him that she and her party avenges Nikita's death. In Part 3, Cliff meets the rest of Kaede's party members after Jack is institutionalized at the mental hospital. After Jack is hospitalized, Jade Curtiss is interested in the rest of the hospital and Cliff gives him a tour. On the tour, Jade tells Cliff that he studied to be a doctor and Cliff considers hiring him. When they reach the plaza, Cliff and Jade find out that Regal Bryant had vomited and collapsed. They take Regal in the emergency room and find out that he has appendicitis. Regal is immediately hospitalized. When Luke Fon Fabre gets gastroannelidious, Cliff trains Jade to take care of him and other patients.

Appearance and Personality:

Cliff is very kind-hearted, understanding, and sympathetic. He has pink hair and pink eyes. He wears glasses and a knee-length doctor coat.