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Edinus was young when she wanted to become a magi. When she was 45, she earned her place as a magi. Edinus has 2 siblings. One had Sabrina and the other had Marth, making Marth and Sabrina cousins. The siblings are never mentioned or appear in Tales of Kemet.

Tales of Kemet:

Edinus is first introduced at the Tower of the Magi. Sabrina Wilkaski recognizes her aunt and they get reunited. Soon the reunion was cut short by Decus and Alice. The party fights the members of the Vanguard and defeat them. When the party begin searching for the golden gauntlet of Tutankhamen, they run into Marth. Marth challenges the party, especially Jade Curtiss to a magical duel. The party wins and Marth tells the party where the gauntlet is and they head into the basement, where there is a Sword Dancer.

Appearance and Personality:

Edinus bears a bit of resemblance to Ezra Anzala's appearance, except that Edinus has shorter hair and lighter skin. Edinus wears a green dress with pocketed side loins to carry her spell books. She is kind and gentle. She is also slightly motherly, despite not having any children.


  • Kaede designed this character with a character appearance from the MS DOS game called "The Infernal Tome".
  • The name is also from the same game where she got the appearance. The name originally belonged to a male wizard.