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Fallenstar was the first prince of Deshret to be born and named after Deshret's very first king. He lives in Fallenstar castle, which is also named after the first king of Deshret. He has 5 other siblings in the kingdom. He is to be married with his slightly younger sister, Ramona. Thomas Rhodes used to be his babysitter when he was very young. Thomas used to be one of the villagers at Fallenstar castle. He was a teenager when he first met young Fallenstar. Thomas eventually moved near the Phaeruti marsh with his mother.

Tales of Kemet:

Fallenstar is first introduced when Kaede and some of her party get put into the dungeon. They are soon saved by a thief named Nadori Ali. After Nadori sets the party free, Fallenstar comes down into the dungeon after having a talk with Natalia Luzu-Kimlasca Lanvaldear. Natalia had convinced Fallenstar to set the party free. When Fallenstar goes to the dungeon with Natalia to free the party, he realized that Nadori had set them free and gets into a fight with her because they don't get along. Kaede and Natalia break up the fight and convinced them to get along and join the party. Fallenstar brings the party to his room, where his siblings are. Leroy, his youngest brother opens a mouse hole and mice come scurrying. Natalia gets scared, but the siblings calmed her down and let her hold a mouse.

Appearance and Personality:

Fallenstar is very polite and understanding. He has a hairstyle that's quite similar to Legretta the Quick's in the bangs. Fallenstar has purple eyes, a 3-tailed coat to resemble the Blue Lotus (the symbol of Deshret), and has the Deshret symbol on his belt buckle.


  • Kaede got the names "Fallenstar" and "Fallenstar Castle" from a MS DOS game called "DBQuest".