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Farley is a retired soldier from the Gongerro tribe. He fought in a tribal war against the Anzala tribe until they made up. When the war was over, Farley was very happy that it ended because he really wanted peace. He married Alexis Gongerro and had Kieran as their son. When Farley heard the news that Kieran had been kidnapped by Hyskos, he and his wife were shocked and they didn't hesitate to look for their son. As soon as Alexis started having bad pregnancy pains, they were forced to give up.

Tales of Kemet:

Farley is first introduced comforting the crying Alexis when the party finds them. As soon as the party agrees to help them, the couple is relieved and continue to search. The party makes it to the Hysko camp and as soon as they break in, the couple is captured and imprisoned. While in their cell, Alexis suffers labor pains as she is giving birth. After freeing 2 surviving prisoners from torture, Luke, Mieu, and Kaede enter the captive room, where Alexis is about to give birth. Shortly, Alexis gives birth to a baby girl and names her Sarah. When a Hysko comes in, Luke, Mieu, and Kaede hide with the freed survivors. The Hysko asks how Alexis lost so much weight and hears Sarah's cries of fear. Farley tries to stall the Hysko and the Hysko finds the newborn infant under the bed. In a fit of rage, the Hysko lashes out at the family and tranquilizes them. Luke sends Mieu to destroy the camera in the captive room and the Hysko discovers them. Luke and Kaede kill the Hysko and fight off an exsphere monster until Joseger comes in and helps the nephilim family. He removes his jacket, tears off a sleeve to bandage Farley and used the rest of his jacket to swaddle his newborn daughter up. After Leonoris gets defeated, the party goes to Kariyun to hospitalize Myrna while the nephilim family gives their newborn a checkup. Alexis, Farley, and Kieran hear that their daughter is a healthy baby.

Appearance and Personality:

Farley has black fur and blue eyes. He wears aqua green capri pants with a golden tan loin over it. He wears a matching shoulder-chest plate. Farley is kind and mature.