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Felix was born the eldest prince of Hedjet, the continent of the Red Solar Disc. Since war was about to be declared, Felix had a bitter rivalry with Fallenstar Dover. One day, Felix and his sister, Lazuli were exploring the Temple of Soul and saw that the core of centurion Animus had been awaken by the Vanguard. Ritcher Abend gave the royal siblings the responsibility to guard Animus, who had found a treasure of Tutankhamen somewhere in the temple. Felix told Animus to guard the treasure.

Tales of Kemet:

Felix is first introduced after the party finds Animus. Felix and Lazuli come out and told the party that he told Animus to guard the statue. Kaede tells them that Tutankhamen had set her on a journey to restore his tomb, but they didn't believe her. A fight begins and after the party wins, Tutankhamen's spirit appears in front of the siblings and tells them the truth. Shocked with disbelief, Felix and Lazuli retreat. Animus tries to go with him, but Tenebrae and Clangedum restrain him and is taken to the Albiore II.

Appearance and Personality:

Felix has one blue eye and the other one is green. He wears a coat very similar to Fallenstar's except it has one tail. Felix's belt buckle has the Red Solar Disc on it. He has straps on his coat with the top one holding his sheath. He has a hairstyle quite similar to Decus's. Felix's hair is black and has a shorter ponytail than Decus. Felix is brave and determined. Even though Lazuli fights with him, she doesn't join the party.