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Ike was born in Engeve, which is in Auldrant. His parents are named Joel and Lucinda. When Ike was 5, he was kidnapped by Kimlasca knights during the Hod war while on vacation at Hod. He almost got killed until Joel, Lucinda, and Van Grants saved his life from being stabbed to death. After Ike was saved, Lucinda has been a huge worrywart ever since she had a nervous breakdown after he was kidnapped.

Tales of Kemet:

Ike is first introduced after he gets kidnapped by Jack the Shark. Ike is first seen playing with cheagles. When the party finds him, Genis Sage tells Ike that Lucinda's breaking dishes and worried sick. Jack jumps out of a tree and fights the party. Jack is knocked out and Ike is taken back to Engeve. After Ike is rescued and taken back to his hometown, he decides to join the party. He grabs a pitchfork and joins.

Appearance and Personality:

Ike is a friendly person. He wears slide sandals, green overalls and gloves, a grey shirt, a bandaid on his nose bridge, and round glasses. He has beige hair tied up in a short ponytail. Ike gets seizures when looking closely at shiny stuff. Ike has a somewhat similar appearance to Genis. Ike also loves animals, especially rappigs.