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Jack (full name Jackson Sorviz) is one of the main antagonists of Tales of Kemet. When he was a child, he was very sadistic, especially towards Ryo Lufti and Entari Galendale. A month before his 10th birthday, both of his parents died from sickness. On the day of his birthday, Muhammed Lufti discovered that Jack had been living with the decomposing corpses of his parents. After Muhammed tries drops his cake, Jack attempts suicide. Muhammed and Eustacia Lufti stop Jack and send him to the Kalna Orphanage. After being admitted, Jack is bullied. When Jack turns 17, he meets Van Grants and sets the orphanage on fire. Ever since Jack had gone insane, he hated Ryo more than anything.

Tales of Kemet:

Jack is first introduced at African ruins. He confronts Kaede and her party after they find the alabaster lotus. Jack is defeated and pretends to retreat. After the party leaves the ruins to Auldrant, Jack somehow goes to Engeve on the same planet and kidnaps Ike Elvis. Ike is held captive in the Cheagle woods and Jack hides when the party arrives. He tells the party he will kill Ike. After Jack's second defeat, Ike returns home and joins the party. In Part 3, Jack crashes a tribal peace party and attacks Kaede. Soon Jack is restrained and suffers a nervous breakdown and is admitted to the mental institution at the Kariyun hospital. When Brute Lualdi sets Jack free, Jack attacks Kalna and injures Eustacia Lufti, Ryo's mother. When Eustacia runs up to Ryo, Jack slashes her in the back, knocking her unconscious. The party fights Jack and Ryo decapitates him. Ryo keeps the head and Sabrina Wilkaski burns the body. In part 5, Ryo hears that Jack had been revived by Volcanius. Jack's final battle takes place at Niflheim. Jack gets beheaded again and dies for good.

Appearance and Personality:

Jack has black spiky hair with a braided side lock. He wears a shark tooth collar and black and brown clothes. He is very cruel and sadistic. He's also completely insane.


  • Kaede named Jack the Shark after Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown because Jack Spicer is an evil "genius" who wants to rule the world. Jack Spicer is also crazy, but not as Jack the Shark.
  • Jack earned the God General Title as "Jack the Shark" because Van Grants saw Jack attacking a person like a shark. Jack actually ripped the person to pieces like a real shark would do to its prey.
  • Jack's hairstyle was inspired by Marisa Kirasame from Touhou and Naruto Uzamaki from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.