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Jasmine is the niece of a sadistic tribe leader named Sathis. She and her brother, Tekoss don't approve of Sathis's corruption. Jasmine started training with Tekoss in staff fighting. One day, Sathis caught them training and was furious. He beat them up and tried to kill them. Jasmine managed to escape and was desperate for help. Tekoss was a candidate for sacrifice and was imprisoned. After Kaede gets caught in a trap and the rest of the party and Aoro get taken away to the tribal colony, Jasmine finds Kaede and explains that her uncle is seriously corrupt. Uriah and Mieu set Kaede free and Jasmine joins the party.

Tales of Kemet:

After Jasmine joins the party, they see Aoro get sacrificed and save the other party members. As she distracts the tribe, Kaede sets the rest of the party free and spots Tutankhamen's chariot. As Kaede goes for the treasure, Sathis catches Kaede and poisons her. She is rushed to Kariyun to get hospitalized as Kreskin's wolf pack fights of the slithzerikai chasing the party. After Kaede recovers, the party returns to the colony to confront Sathis. They set Tekoss free and they defeat Sathis. Jasmine and Tekoss kill Sathis and cremate him. Tekoss becomes the new tribe leader and a tribal party is thrown.

Appearance and Personality:

Jasmine is a smart and kind. She has grey hair and wears a skirt-like top. She wears a thong glove on her left hand.