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Joseger used to be a big jerk until being abused and tortured by other Hyskos. After a long time of torment, he changed his attitude. His past is quite similar to Luke Fon Fabre's and Kaede's. When he changed his attitude, he quickly grew tired of tormenting prisoners at the Aryuth Hysko camp. He secretly started freeing prisoners and doing good deeds for them. When he started doing good deeds, he started to feel better and his attitude got even better and had sympathetic feelings for the prisoners. He pretended to be a true Hysko until he met Luke and Kaede.

Tales of Kemet:

Joseger is introduced when Luke and Kaede use an exsphere monster to free prisoners. Joseger shoots the monster with a tranquilizer gun and helps Kaede and Luke free the prisoners. Joseger helps the Nephilim family recover and swaddles their newborn Sarah in one of his jacket sleeves. When Aros, Ezra, and Kreskin enter the captive room, Ezra is shocked to see Kaede and Luke talking to Joseger, mistaking him for a real Hysko. Joseger tells the party that he's betrayed Leonoris and steps on his microphone, breaking it. Joseger, Aoro, Myrna, Amala, Kamala, the Nephilim family, and the party go to Leonoris's Hysko office and Joseger tells Leonoris that he's betraying the Hyskos. The party fights Leonoris and he is defeated. After defeat, Leonoris pulls out a tranquilizer gun and aims at Joseger. Amala pushes Joseger out of the way and is shot in the arm. Enraged, Kamala, who is a were bear, turns into a bear and seriously injures Leonoris. After the attack, Joseger offers to take Leonoris to the hospital. Leonoris angrily declines and pushes the self-destruct button. As Leonoris is dying from his wounds, everyone else escapes on time. When Kaede is hospitalized with slith poison, Joseger comes to visit Kaede, bringing flowers with him. He joins the Anzala tribe. In the epilogue, Joseger teaches Sarah how to walk and talk and he becomes a nurse at Kariyun.

Appearance and Personality:

After changing his attitude, Joseger is caring and kind-hearted. He learned that doing good deeds can feel really good, so he became a samaritan. He is first seen in a Hysko uniform. When he visits Kaede, he wears a green kilt, waist wraps, and a grey headband. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has an appearance a bit similar to Fallenstar's.