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Julian is a descendant of the ancient Ergos family and a loyal soldier. He's also an adoptee of King Ferdinand of the Oncas. Before Julian was adopted, he was orphaned by Hyskos. He was a child at that time. He was found by King Ferdinand when Julian was being attacked by Hyskos. Ferdinand was a soldier and he saved Julian's life. Ever since his life was saved and adopted, Julian had been very loyal and grateful to Ferdinand, especially when he took the throne. Julian was introduced to princess Aria, Ferdinand's daughter when they were teenagers and Julian fell in deep love with her and he told her that her father saved his life. Aria is impressed and happy that Julian stayed strong and Ferdinand saved his life. Aria is 2 years younger than Julian and they are currently dating.

Tales of Kemet:

Julian was first introduced when Kaede and her party meet King Ferdinand. Julian is sent with the party to save Aria from Magnar at the Ergos Ruins. When the party reaches the giant tree in the middle of the ruins, they see another once soldier formicating. Julian and Kaede try to stop the soldier as he scratches his neck like crazy. Soon the soldier dies in Kaede's arms and his body is picked up and preserved by the tree. The party reaches the roof of the ruins and find Magnar holding Aria hostage, planning to inject her with a formication potion. Magnar is defeated and Aria is returned to King Ferdinand. In the epilogue, Julian and Aria get married.

Appearance and Personality:

Julian is a jaguar humanoid called and Onca. He is very loyal and strong. He wears an ear cuff-like earring with orange feathers on it. He also wears a necklace with an ankh and orange feathers on it. There are also orange feathers on a wrap around his tail. He wears a long ancient Egyptian-style kilt and a waist band with a shoulder strap.