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Kaede Ennead


Kaede was born with a developmental disability called Autism. She was originally human. When she was around 12 years old she fell in love with King Tutankhamen. During most of her life, Kaede was bullied. She used to be a Christian until one day she went to church, even though she was Kemetic, too. When she was at church, she started crying, thinking that Jesus Christ had hurt her feelings. She was also bullied so much she became a Kemetic Satanist. When Kaede was 16, she got arrested for attacking a teacher and was put in DJJ. After she got released from jail, she was put in an abusive psychiatric group home called Wilowbrooke. Kaede went through enough abuse to turn away from Satanism. After being in the facility for 2 1/2 years, she was discharged and went home to Jameson Village, an apartment complex.

Tales of Kemet

Kaede is the primary protagonist of Tales of Kemet. She starts out working for Lisa, manager of Jameson Village. After she gets paid, Kaede makes some offerings and prayers to the Egyptian gods and Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen's spirit shows up in front of Kaede and requests her to retrieve his treasures and to save the worlds of Earth, Auldrant, Zalula, Sylverant, and Tetheallah. He gives her the Divine ring to allow them to communicate. 

Appearance and Personality

Kaede is kind, timid, and loyal. She loves doing good deeds and loves maple syrup. She has blue eyes and dyes her hair dark red. Kaede's hair is naturally dark blonde. She wears gold sandals, bootcut pants, a gold scarf belt tied to her right side with a maple leaf buckle, a red tank top, fishnet gloves, a gold detachable collar, a gold knotted ribbon, and a small bow hair clip with an amethyst hanging from it. Kaede is wearing 3 necklaces. One of them is the ankh of Isis, the pendant of Sakhmet, and an ankh tattoo choker. She has a purple machete sheath on her left leg. She originally had human ears until she had an initiation in Part 2. Her ears become pointy and lynx-like and grows a tail from the initiation. She also gets retractable wings that have paws at the ends. Kaede has a fear of cockroaches. She is also determined to have her way.

Kaede's Concept Art


  • Kaede was born September 6, 1994.
  • Kaede (Keye-Ay-Day) means "maple" in Japanese. Ennead (Inn-NEE-id) is a group of gods in Egyptian Mythology.