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Kagura was born in Kiyoki and raised to be sadistic. She also has some suicidal tendencies. When she joined the Vanguard, she befriended Alice, who is also sadistic.

Tales of Kemet:

Kagura is first introduced when the party goes to Tonlata. She is with Richter Abend and Aqua. When the party encounters them, Kagura introduces herself and they fight. After losing the fight, Kagura twirls her parasol to teleport Ritcher and Aqua. In Part 5, the party fights Kagura for the last time. After her defeat, Kagura finds out that her parasol is broken and commits suicide.

Appearance and Personality:

Kagura has her dark blonde hair up in pigtail buns. She is also flat-chested. She has green eyes and wears geta sandals. She wears a short, aqua-green kimono with green accents to it. Her parasol matches her sandals. She has green eyes. She is known as the "leaf ninja" because she can teleport by twirling her parasol, leaving leaves scattered behind. She is quite sadistic and determined to have her way, making her somewhat selfish. She is also quite dishonest. She loves to stick her tongue out to taunt.