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Kieran is the son of Farley and Alexis Gongerro. One day, he learned that Alexis is pregnant. He was excited. One day, when he was playing with his friends, Kieran got kidnapped by Hyskos. Kieran's friends managed to escape and rushed to his parents. Shocked and devastated, Alexis and Farley went to search for their son.

Tales of Kemet:

Kieran is first introduced when he's breaking rocks at a Hysko camp. When he spots the party and his parents, he gets excited and the Hyskos assumed he was hallucinating. The party breaks into the Hysko camp with the help of Kreskin's wolf pack. Soon, the parents are captured and put in the same cell as Kieran. When Luke, Mieu, Kaede, Myrna and Aoro enter the captive room, they see Alexis giving birth to a baby girl and naming her Sarah. When a Hysko comes into the captive room after hearing baby Sarah cry. The party hides along with Myrna and Aoro. Alexis hides Sarah under the bed and the Hysko is feeling suspicious about how Alexis lost so much weight. Farley stalls the Hysko until Sarah cries. Furious with disbelief, the Hysko attacks the family and tranquilizes them. Mieu is sent to burn the camera in the captive room, but is tranquilized. Soon the Hysko finds Kaede and whips her. Soon the Hysko is killed and an exsphere monster enters the captive room. The monster is breaking the cells until Joseger comes in and tranquilizes it. After Joseger tells that he's helping them, helps the Nephilim family get back on their feet. He bandages Farley and swaddles Sarah, who was sleeping. In the epilogue, Kieran is with Joseger, helping teach Sarah how to walk and talk.

Appearance and Personality:

Kieran is friendly and hopeful. He wears a dark red and orange kilt. He also wears shoulder plates. He's fond of his younger sister.