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Kreskin and Natalie, his younger sister were raised by wolves after their parents died. Kreskin was 6 and Natalie was 2 when they got adopted by wolves. Kreskin and his sister were eventually taken into the Anzala tribe and they became part of the tribe. Kreskin learned how to talk to wolves.

Tales of Kemet:

After Kaede and Luke fall into a waterfall, Kreskin and his wolves saved them and brought them into a cave. Kreskin helps Kaede and Luke reunite with the party. He explains that he was sent to find Amala and Kamala, Protea's lost twins. Kaede figures that the twins are in a Hysko camp and Kreskin leads an attack on the Hysko base. While on their way in, Alexis and Farley get captured as prisoners. All of the prisoners get set free and the Hysko camp is blown up. Kreskin loses his wolf pack to a Slithzerikai attack while the party takes Kaede to get hospitalized due to slith poison.

Appearance and Personality:

Kreskin is a brave and loyal werewolf. He has orange tattoos on his face and yellow eyes. He has his brown hair up in a high ponytail. His chest is exposed by an ancient Egyptian-style top. He has a fingerless glove on his right arm and wears open-toe sock boots. He has his left arm wrapped and wears a red kilt. He has a gold leaf choker and a wolf tail. Kreskin is quite protective of Kaede and is in love with her.