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Manfred was born in the Anzala tribe and decided to join the Hyskos due to his brutal attitude. He was trained by Leonoris at a young age. Since Leonoris is an idiot, Manfred swore he'd become a better Hysko leader. He went to the Palmacosta Human Ranch and turned it into a Hysko base.

Tales of Kemet:

Manfred is first introduced at Palmacosta while terrorizing it after he knocked Kaede out with a punch. He drags her by the ankles when Kaede regains consciousness. He beats Kaede until the goddess Sakhmet possesses her. After Manfred is defeated, Kaede straddles him and asks him where the treasure of Tutankhamen that's somewhere in Palmacosta where it is. Manfred refuses and Kagura teleports him to the Palmacosta Hysko base. In Niflheim, Manfred has his final battle with the party. After his defeat, he is so angry that he hits the wall, making a stalactite fall into his head.

Appearance and Personality:

Manfred has an orange goatee matching his spiky orange hair. He has it up in a small ponytail. He wears glasses and a dark red tank top with lime-green pants. He wears spiked gauntlets and greaves. He is a rough badass who hates losing. He's overconfident of his strength and is quite hostile. He is friends with Kagura.