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When Hyskos started attacking, Ryo and Manu left Zalula and went to Egypt. One day, when they were fishing in the Nile river, Manu got bitten by a mosquito infected with malaria. Ryo and Mohammed, his grandfather took care of Manu until he died at a mansion that Maximilian eventually moved into. Manu was mummified and buried in front of the mansion. When Maximilian moved in, he wanted to destroy Manu's grave.

Tales of Kemet:

Manu is first introduced at his grave. Manu tells the party that Maximilian can summon spirits. Sheena Fujibayashi was surprised and tells Manu that she can summon spirits, too. He gets glad. When Maximilian finds the party in the underground dungeon, he summons Bha, the summon spirit of soul and Sheena summons Origin and a fight begins. After Maximilian is knocked unconscious, Bha is injured and Tenebrae tells Bha that Maximilian wants to destroy Manu's grave. Sheena suggests Bha to join her and he accepts. After Maximilian wakes up, he is furious and tries to destroy the grave. The party fights Maximilian until they kill him. Ryo is overjoyed that he and the rest of the party saved his brother's grave.

Appearance and Personality:

Manu is honest, innocent, and kind-hearted. He wears slide on sandals, shorts, and a sleeveless tunic. He wears a necklace with a turquoise stone on it. He has a resemblance to Ion.