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Marth and Sabrina were trained by their aunt, Edinus. When Sabrina left to explore in her teenage years, Marth became a Magi trainer, causing them to be long-lost cousins.

Tales of Kemet:

Marth is first introduced after the party defeats Decus and Alice and the party searches for the gauntlet. He ease drops on Kaede and her party as Edinus joins the party. He gets Sabrina's attention, who didn't recognize him. He challenges the party to a duel. Jade Curtiss accepts the challenge and the party meets up with Marth at the top of the tower, and the duel begins. Marth loses the duel and Jade asks where the gauntlet is. Marth tells the party that the gauntlet is being guarded by a sword dancer. The party fights the sword dancer and wins the gauntlet. In the epilogue, Marth is very pleased that Kaede had entered the afterlife.

Appearance and Personality:

Marth has dark red hair with a braided ponytail. He wears a long burgundy cloak, a black crop top, buckled gloves with feather hieroglyphs on them, red pants, and a black crop top. Marth also wears a mask is similar to Sync the Tempest's. Marth is wise and fashionable.