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Maximilian was an ordinary Zalulan Dwarf. He was also an explorer. One day he went to the Temple of Soul and awakened Centurion Animus. After awakening Animus, Maximilian died from a possession and was brought back to life. His soul became a ghost demon and his body became a mummy. He also befriended Bha, the summon spirit of Soul. Maximilian moved to the mansion where Ryo Lufti buried his brother, Manu Lufti in Thebes.

Tales of Kemet:

Tutankhamen tells Kaede that his statue of the cat goddess Bastet is in the mansion. The party goes to the mansion and they meet Manu. Manu says that Maximilian wants to destroy his grave since he moved in. Ryo mentions that he buried his brother in front of the mansion and Maximilian says he keeps forgetting to destroy the grave and says he must destroy it. Ryo is enraged and says that Maximilian shouldn't destroy anyone's grave. Maximilian kicks the party out and the party tries to get back in. When the party gets back in the mansion, they are chased into an underground dungeon. Maximilian eventually finds them and summons Bha. Sheena Fujibayashi summons Origin, the king of summon spirits. After Maximilian and Bha get defeated, Tenebrae suggests that Bha to join Sheena's summon spirit pack. Bha accepts and Maximilian wakes up and decided out of rage that he will destroy Manu's grave immediately. The party chases after Maximilian and they enter another fight. Maximilian is killed and Manu's grave is saved. In Part 5, Volcanius revives Maximilian along with Jack the Shark. When the party confronts Maximilian in Niflheim, they fight him for the last time. Maximilian is dismembered.

Appearance and Personality:

Maximilian has dark skin, almond eyes, and is wearing a leopard pelt as a sign of wealth. He is wealthy and hates young children. He doesn't like children very much.


  • Wearing a leopard pelt is a sign of wealth in ancient Egyptian times.
  • Maximilian is derived from Maxwell and Maximilian from Dark Cloud 2.