Nadori Ali


Nadori was born in Fort Exile. Her older brother, Edward trained her to become a thief at a young age. Edward somehow became a kleptomaniac. He was greedy and decided to teach Nadori how to become a thief. One day, Nadori broke into Fallenstar castle and learned her way through the castle. She developed a great since of direction and became good at hiding from guards. On another day, Nadori was caught stealing something from the castle. Fallenstar had caught her stealing gold from the kingdom and got thrown into the dungeon. When it was night on the same day, Edward broke in and broke Nadori out of the castle. She was disappointed when she left empty-handed, but he forgave her and told her that she'll get better overtime.

Tales of Kemet:

When Nadori broke into the dungeon, she noticed that some of Kaede's party was there, including Kaede. Kaede asked Nadori to set her and her party free and they became friends. Soon Natalia and Fallenstar came into the dungeon. Fallenstar got into a fight with Nadori and Natalia and Kaede had to break up the fight. Fallenstar and Nadori eventually get along.

Appearance and Personality:

Nadori has dark skin, red eyes, and black hair tied into a low side ponytail with a big bow in it. She wears fingered gloves with cutouts under the shoulders. She wears brown bangles that match her hip bags. She also wears a girdle with a triangle top. Nadori is brave, agile, and determined.

  • Kaede designed this character with a character appearance from the MS DOS game called "The Infernal Tome".
  • The name Nadori is derived from "Nandori" from the same game where she got the appearance.
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