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Nikita is the younger sister of Dr. Cliff Jones. She helped Cliff make Kariyun a much better place. In her early teenage years, Nikita became a professional window shopper and learned that she really enjoys shopping. All those years of shopping experiences had inspired her to found a mall at Kariyun.

Tales of Kemet:

Nikita is first introduced when the party goes to London, England to go to a fancy prom and to look for one of Tutankhamen's treasures in an abandoned church. After the prom, Kaede wakes up and suffers a hangover from drinking too much champagne. Nikita gives Kaede some pain medicine. After Kaede gets over her headache, Nikita and the party go to the abandoned church. When the party finds the treasure, the get confronted by a giant gargoyle. The gargoyle kills Nikita and the party avenges her death. After defeating the gargoyle, Nikita is buried in the church graveyard and she moves on into the afterlife.

Appearance and Personality:

Nikita has pink hair, pink eyes, and is wearing explorer clothes. She is curious and kind hearted. She loves to explore and shop.