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Ever since Ptolemy read about the curse of Tutankhamen, he had been quite fascinated. Someone at Khemerpresh gave him a subject to study after he finished studying Zalulan illnesses, such as gastroannelidious. Ptolemy had been helping out Dr. Cliff since the hospital of Kariyun was founded. Due to his research, Ptolemy had helped Cliff make Kariyun flourish.

Tales of Kemet:

Ptolemy is first introduced when he is studying the curse of Tutankhamen. When he sees Kaede and her party in his lab, he is happy to see them and tells them that he's currently researching the pharaoh's curse. Kaede tells Ptolemy that she's on a journey to recover Tutankhamen's treasures. Ptolemy gets excited and gets invited to come to Alaia Khoberesh with the party. When the party reaches the oasis at Alaia Khoberesh, Tutankhamen appears in front of the obelisk in front of the oasis. Ptolemy pleads Tutankhamen not to kill him and tells him that he's researching his curse. Kaede gets grabbed by Hawk and she escapes by elbowing him. The Vanguard attack the party and the party wins. Tutankhamen appears in front of the Vanguard, telling them not to interfere with Kaede's journey. A Vanguard member attacks Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen is completely unharmed and he uses his curse to lift the Vanguard member above the oasis, brutally dismembering him. Hawk and the rest of the Vanguard retreat and the party and Ptolemy get sucked into the ruins under the oasis, where they meet Tamara Siuda, the founder of Kemetism. When Kaede is attacked by a mummy with some of Alucarda's blood on its head, the party kills the mummy. The mummy is beheaded and Ptolemy is fascinated enough to take the mummy's head. After leaving the ruins, Kaede remembers that she has some summonings for Ptolemy to compact. The party returns to Khemerpresh and by the time it was day, the Jersey Devil and Set were turned into summonings.

Appearance and Personality:

Ptolemy has black shaggy hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He wears round glasses, an ankh necklace, a long lab coat, and black rubber gloves. Ptolemy is quite friendly and loves to be occupied with research. He's also a good friend of Cliff. Ptolemy is smart and curious. He wishes he was half-elf due to their knowledge. He has a strong desire to live.