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Rassus is Aros's childhood friend. Rassus was born in the Hatcheran tribe and was separated from his native tribe due to a tribal war with the Gongerro tribe. As an infant, he was kidnapped by nephilim soldiers and his parents were killed. Arvis had raised him along with Aros. When Rassus was a teenager, he decided to part ways from the Gongerro Tribe because there were more of his kind in the Hatcheran tribe. At that time, the war was over.

Tales of Kemet:

Rassus is found injured in the Torentia. Raine Sage heals him and Rassus joins Kaede's party. After joining the party, he is reunited with Aros.

Appearance and Personality:

Rassus is a hyena-like humanoid called a gnoll. He's brave and determined. He wears a shoulder-chest plate with an ankh on it. He has his lower stomach wrapped in linen cloth. He wears pants with a loin cloth.