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Ryo's Concept Art


Ryo was born in Kalna. His father, Sederick is a Dima elf. Ryo and his younger brother, Manu moved to Egypt on Earth due to Hysko attacks. While on Earth, Manu got bitten by a mosquito and came down with malaria. Manu eventually died and was buried in front of a mansion in Cairo, that eventually got taken over by Maximilian. 

Tales of Kemet:

Ryo is first seen at a food stall in the Cairo marketplace when Colette Brunel trips into the stand. Ryo is angry enough to challenge the party but is defeated in the desert. After defeat, Colette and Kaede befriend Ryo, making him join the party. 

Appearance and Personality:

Ryo has very light skin due to his Dima elf father having white skin. Ryo also has dark green hair and yellow eyes. He is mildly short tempered and somewhat impatient.