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Sabrina dreamed of becoming one of the Great Magi, just like her aunt Edinus. Sabrina was trained by Edinus and Marth. Sabrina and Marth are actually long-lost cousins, even though his parents are never revealed. When Sabrina started exploring in her teenage years, Marth became a magi trainer.

Tales of Kemet:

Sabrina is first met after the party decapitates Jack the Shark. The head is kept for a while and the Sabrina burns Jack's body. The head disappears after Jack is resurrected. After the body is burned, Sabrina decides to join the party so she can become a stronger wizard. When the party arrives at the Tower of the Magi, they run into Edinus and reunite her with Sabrina. The reunion is cut short by Decus and Alice. The party defeats them and they soon meet Marth. Marth tells the party that the tower has one of Tutankhamen's treasures within it. Marth challenges the party to a duel and Jade Curtiss accepts. When the party meet Marth up at the top of the tower, he makes a move, scattering the party. Jade is the only one on his feet after the attack and the duel begins. As his last move for the battle, Jade knocks off Marth's mask. Marth had been defeated and is surprised how strong the party is. He accepts the defeat and tells the party where the treasure is. He gives the party a scroll to unlock magical barriers. When the party reaches the basement, they encounter a Sword Dancer. They fight it and win.

Appearance and Personality:

Sabrina has red hair, a red dress, and a red cloak that's lavender on the inside. She has purple earrings, purple thong gloves, belts crossed at her hips, and black sandals. Sabrina is confident and hopeful of her dreams. She's also determined and smart.


  • The character is derived from a MS DOS game called DBQuest.