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Sally was born in Liwernia, Zalula. After birth, she and her parents moved to Earth for safety due to Hysko attacks. Sally was raised on Earth and eventually went to a middle school near the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. When Sally was camping with her parents when she was 6, she had an encounter with the Jersey Devil.

Tales of Kemet:

Sally is first introduced in a middle school library when Kaede and her party are looking for more information on the Jersey Devil. Sally says she's familiar with the Jersey Devil and wants join Kaede's party. She asked the principle to ask her parents for permission and Sally joins the party.

Appearance and Personality:

Sally is a cheery schoolgirl who has a lot of strength. She has light green hair and brown eyes. She's also really good at standing up to bullies. She is kind and caring. She also has a crush on Guy Cecil. She wears a bow on the back of her head, a sailor-like school uniform, and black flats.

Sally's Concept Art