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Sarah has no history due to being born in a Hysko camp. She's the daughter of Alexis and Farley Gongerro.

Tales of Kemet:

Sarah is first introduced when she is born at a Hysko camp. Alexis had given birth in her cell with support from Farley and her son Kieran. Shortly after birth, Sarah is hidden under the bed in the cell when a Hysko comes in. The Hysko asks how Alexis had lost so much weight. Frightened, Sarah begins to cry. Farley tries to stall the Hysko, but Sarah was found under the bed. The Hysko is enraged and begins to lash out at the Nephilim family. When the Hysko tranquilizes the family, he discovers that the party, Aoro and Myrna are spying on him. Luke and Kaede defeat the Hysko. When Joseger comes in, he helps the Nephilim family get back on their feet. He even swaddles the sleeping Sarah in his jacket. When the party goes to Kariyun to hospitalize Myrna, Sarah has a checkup and Dr. Cliff says she's a healthy baby. In the epilogue, Sarah is learning how to walk and talk by her rescuer Joseger and her brother Kieran. Her first word is "Thanks".

Appearance and Personality:

When Sarah is born, she is naked. In the epilogue, she wears a pink diaper and a baby bra. She also wears pink bows at her ears. She's a smart infant who loves to learn.


  • Sarah's birth in the Hysko camp was inspired by the movie "The Devil's Arithmetic" by Donna Deitch, which is based off of Jane Yolen's "The Devil's Arithmetic" novel. Both the book and the movie take place in the Holocaust.
  • Sarah's wearing a baby bra because Kaede designed her that way and she doesn't approve of girls being shirtless with bottoms on. Kaede thinks it doesn't look right on girls, especially due to breasts.