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Satan (known as Apophis in Egyptian Mythology) is known as the Devil. He was considered the Original Fallen Angel and the Daily Destoryer of the Sun God. He has a snake form is that is known as Apophis. Every night, the Sun God (Khepri/Ra/Atum) enters a fray with Satan as Apophis. Satan is always on the bad side. Whenever there's a sunny day, that means that Satan is defeated. On non-sunny days, that means that the Sun God is temporarily defeated.

Tales of Kemet:

Satan is the primary antagonist of Tales of Kemet. Due to Kaede's hard past, she sought him for help but only made things worse. One day, Kaede decided to betray Satan because she was being abused at Willowbrooke and thought that the betrayal would stop the abuse. Kaede apologizes to Jesus for being mean to him. Satan is first introduced in Part 3 during Sederick Lufti's exorcism as Apophis. Kaede defeats him at the Church of Amun. In Part 5, when the Devil Kingdom is defeated by the party at Niflheim, Satan gets into a fight with the party. During the fight, the party almost loses until Jesus saves them by shooting a beam of light at Satan, hurting and distracting him while the party escapes. When Kaede gets on the Sun God's boat, Satan is in his Apophis form and attacks the boat. Apophis is defeated and is severely injured.

Appearance and Personality:

Satan has red skin, fiery hair, yellow teeth, and a pentacle on his chest. He has large wings and curled horns. Satan is brutal and very sadistic.

Satan in as Apophis.


  • Satan is known as the Fallen Angel in the Bible and Apophis is an evil god from Egyptian Mythology and Kemetism.