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Tales of Kemet

Tales of Kemet is a fan fiction written for the Namco Bandai Tales of series. There are a total of 5 parts in the fan fiction. It has a mixture of Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, Jeff Vogel's Exile, and some retro games (like Powerslave\Exhumed). I don't own everything in Tales of Kemet.

Notes from the founder

My name is Kaede and I do NOT own everything in Tales of Kemet. I would love to give credit to everyone, especially to the Namco Bandai Tales of company. I worked HARD on Tales of Kemet (originally called Tales of Cairo) for a few years. I would LOVE to work for the Tales of company. I designed the characters for Tales of Kemet. I put my fan fiction on my deviant art account. You can read it here. I'm still working on this wiki and hopefully the company WILL accept me. The moral story of Tales of Kemet is Corruption is BAD!

This wiki contains unmarked spoilers! This wiki is currently under construction.

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