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Tanala is a daughter of a scribe named Seneb. Seneb wanted a boy, but he had a girl instead. He made do and taught Tanala how to scribe himself.

Tales of Kemet:

Tanala is first introduced at Margaza. She gives the party good news about Pope Bradley. After giving the good news, Kaede welcomes Tanala into the party and she joins. When the party goes to Alaia Khoberesh, they meet Tamara Siuda, the founder of Kemetism. Tanala and Kaede are honored to meet her. After the party defeats Set, they drop Tamara off at Abu Senaria. The party meets Seneb and get invited to go in the hot springs.

Appearance and Personality:

Tanala has dark skin, red eyes, and wavy black hair. She wears a green tunic and tan capri pants. Tanala is very smart and can read almost any language. She even knows how to heal. She gets along pretty well with Kaede, Nadori, and the Sage siblings (Raine and Genis). Tanala is also sympathetic to Jewish people and those who are suffering.


  • Kaede designed this character with a character appearance from the MS DOS game called "The Infernal Tome".