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Tutankhamen's Concept Art

Tutankhamen was born "Tutanaten". His father, Akhenaten was a corrupt pharaoh who was obsessed with Aten, a bogus god and banished the rest of the gods. People were upset with him so they executed him when Tutankhamen was 9. Tutankhamen became pharaoh, married Ankhesenamun, and restored peace and the gods to Egypt. He ruled Egypt until he was 18. He fell off of his chariot and lost his left kneecap. The wound on his knee got infected and he died from infection. He was buried with beautiful treasures. In the 1920's, his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Canarvan. After the discovery, Lord found out that there was a curse and got bitten in the face by a mosquito. When he was shaving, Lord accidentally cut the bite and fell ill. One day, Lord and his pet dog died at the same time due to the curse. During the 2000's Kaede saw the reconstructed facial model of Tutankhamen and fell in love. She learned a lot about him and even drew some pictures of him. She is loyal to him and still in love with him

Tales of Kemet:

When Kaede goes to make offerings, Tutankhamen appears in front of her in spirit form and he puts Kaede on her first journey. He tells her to retrieve his treasures and save the worlds of Earth, Auldrant, Zalula, Sylverant, and Tetheallah. He gives her the Divine Ring so they are able to communicate. He helps Kaede though out the journey and joins her party after she dies in part 5.

Appearance and Personality:

Tutankhamen has short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin and his body has a lean muscular build. His exact personality is unknown, but Kaede thinks he's loyal, brave, strong, and honest. Their exact relationship is unknown.


  • King Tutankhamen was actually a pharaoh in ancient Egypt.
  • The name Tutankhamen means "living image of Amun".
  • Tutankhamen took the throne at the age of 9, but died 9 years later.
  • Some people call him "King Tut" for short.
  • King Tutankhamen's tomb and mummified body were eventually discovered by Howard Carter.
  • Kaede had named her pet cat "Tutanhotep" after King Tutankhamen in honor of him.