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Uriah was found as an orphaned and helpless baby. Ezra found him when he was just days old and adopted him. Since being adopted, Ezra had nurtured and trained Uriah to disarm traps. Overtime, he became a professional trap disarmer.

Tales of Kemet:

Uriah is introduced along with Ezra when Aros introduces Mieu, Luke, and Kaede to her. When Mieu hopped up to Ezra, Uriah thought of him as an intruder and scratched him in the face. Mieu and Uriah eventually get along.

Appearance and Personality:

Uriah has a chip on one ear and an earring on the other. He has shaggy bangs. He can't talk but makes cute noises that sounds a lot like the sounds that a porcupine makes. He's very loyal, smart, and protective.