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Zulis is the daughter of the Husatchi Tribe leader, Leonardo. Mikara, Zulis's mother had been killed by Ridukha, bringing the centaur and the giant spider tribes to the brink of a tribal war. Mikara was killed because she got scared by a giant spider and accidentally killed it. After Mikara killed the spider, Ridukha strangled her to death. Since Mikara was strangled to death, Leonardo hasn't been able to forgive Ridukha. Kreskin and Zulis haven't been getting along since they were very young.

Tales of Kemet:

Zulis stops the party from entering her tribal colony. Zulis says that she can't forgive Ridukha and ends up fighting the party. After Zulis gets defeated, she begins to want to understand what Ridukha's situation is. She brings the party to chief Leonardo and brings him to the spider colony. Leonardo attempts to behead Ridukha, but Zulis stops him and and he begins to hesitate. Ridukha explains that her tribe is being hunted to extinction and Leonardo begins to understand. The leaders make up and Leonardo forgives Ridukha.

Appearance and Personality:

Zulis is strict and determined. She has medium black hair and grey eyes. She wears a skinny headband and some bandanas. She also wears a layered necklace that once belonged to Mikara. She has a slightly short temper.